November 27, 2018 SSC Minutes


Zamorano Fine Arts Academy

School Site Council (SSC) Meeting

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - Room 6





  1. Call to Order
  • Members present:

o Derek Murchison (Principal)

o Leslie Houck (Teacher/SSC Co - Chair)

Year 1

o Annette Lucero (Teacher) - Year 2

o Laura Lopez-Hudson (Teacher) - Year 2

o Maria Teresa Lopez (Parent)

Year 1

o Rosa Maria Reyes Lopez (Parent)

Year 1

o Marlene Gutiérrez (Parent/SSC Chair)

Year 2

oNhing B. Reyes (Parent) - Year 2

oJaime Chavez - translator

oRobert Vera (Vice-Principal)

  • Others:
  • Derek Murchison called the meeting to order at 2:18 pm.
  1. Public Comment
  • Open
  • none
  1. SSC Business
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Approval of Minutes from October 30, 2018 SSC Meeting

· Marlene Gutierrez motioned to approve the minutes from November 14, 2018. Laura Lopez-Hudson 2nd the motion. Motion approved:8 yes; 0 no; 0 abstain.

  1. SSC Business
  • Budget Transfer
  • Budget transfer for paper purchase.

· Derek approved to order copy paper. Order was stopped because the money was taken from somewhere else. Dario approved so money could be moved. $900 moved from discretionary to cover paper cost.

· Marlene Gutierrez motioned to transfer money in the budget to cover purchase of paper. Laura Lopez-Hudson 2nd the motion. Motion approved:8 yes; 0 no; 0 abstain.

· Derek passed out the updated budget.

  1. Data Review
  • Attendance Data
  • Progress Monitoring Data
  • Informational: Derek Murchison, Principal
  • Zamorano is first in our cluster for highest attendance at 97.84%. We had an attendance challenge with a free homework pass for a day as a reward for perfect attendance. Derek, Chris, and Janet meet to discuss absences and incentives, and special cases.
  • Progress monitoring data - The data is complete, but the names must be removed before it can be sent out. Derek will email the report to the committee.
  • Derek gave copies and explained that the SBSA is the Single Plan for Student Achievement which includes the school budget and goals, and how all money has been allocated.
  1. DAC and ELAC
  • DAC Report
  • ELAC Report
  • Informational: Mrs. Rosa Maria Reyes Lopez & Mrs. Marlene Gutierrez
  • Informational: DAC meeting held Nov. 16. Discussed the importance of reclassification. Played video regarding students who haven't quite learned English. Language is being taught through videos on a smartboard. Also presented was a “math listening tour” and included a survey for parent and teacher input. Link will be shared for parents to help in math. Next DLAC meeting is in February. DAC meeting is December 19, 2018.
  • Discussed reclassification problem and how to resolve it. Parents receive report for child's ranking and tips for parents to help students get reclassified. Monthly meetings also happen at school for parents to get info and support students. It was discussed how to let parents know about meetings and how to get them involved
  • It was proposed that we hold a parent workshop at school to get parents caught up on common core math. Derek explained that the school is willing to do it if parents will attend. Derek is flexible on time, but needs to know what works best for parents.
  • Derek explained that DAC does not dictate what schools have to do. Every school can have an ELAC, but it has only happened at our school for the past 3 years. Programs like CAVA very expensive and our parent turnout is low.
  • Next ELAC meeting next Thursday . Needs assessment survey going out for that meeting. It was suggested that we work through kids to get parents involved. Have teachers give out notice and discuss with class what it is for and give incentives to attend. This would be pen to the whole class to attend.
  • Group activity conducted on what parents felt was needed. Parents vote on issues, but often don't feel they have enough information. (They have the option to abstain.) Each school looks out for themselves, but it's also important to look at cluster middle and high schools. Parents would love to go into meetings with more feedback from teachers. It would help parents to make their vote and speak up for our school and teachers.
  • $300,000 was voted on and passed to add to summer school budget.
  • Per student allocation is decreased to $5 per student for Title I funding.
  1. Adjournment

Leslie Houck motioned to adjourn the meeting at 3:21. Laura Lopez-Hudsen 2nd the motion. Motion approved: 9 yes; 0 no, 0 abstain.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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