February 5, 2019 SSC Minutes


Zamorano Fine Arts Academy

School Site Council (SSC) Meeting

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - Room 6





  1. Call to Order
  • Members present:

o Derek Murchison (Principal)

o Leslie Houck (Teacher/SSC Co - Chair)

Year 1

o Annette Lucero (Teacher) - Year 2

o Tauheedah Robinson (Other/Secretary)

Year 2

o Laura Lopez-Hudson (Teacher) - Year 2

o Hjordis Williams (Parent/DAC) - Year 2

o Maria Teresa Lopez (Parent)

Year 1

o Rosa Maria Reyes Lopez (Parent)

Year 1

o Marlene Gutiérrez (Parent/SSC Chair)

Year 2

oNhing B. Reyes (Parent) - Year 2

  • Others:

o Robert Vera (Vice Principal)

  • Informational
  • Marlene Gutiérrez(SSC Chair) called the meeting to order at 2:21pm.
  • Quorum present: 8 members present (Maria Teresa Lopez was granted permission to leave early
  • SGT Members attending meeting to discuss 2018-19 Budget. Members/Parents present: Laura Sizemore (SGT), Evelia Cervantes (SGT) Barbie Kitchin (SGT), Janet Morales (SGT parent), Sheila Nillaga-Crisostomo (grandparent), Emalyn Fanugao (parent), Noelle Kottas (parent), Rosanna de la Cruz (SGT), Lowell Feria (SGT), Diane Hartje (SGT), Heidy Quiroz (parent)
  1. Public Comment
  • Open
  • Informational
  • No public comment at this time
  1. SSC Business
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Discussion & Approval of 2019-2020 School Budget
  • Approval of Minutes from November 27, 2018 SSC Meeting
  • Approval of 2019-2020 School Budget
  • Voting- Leslie Houck motioned to approved minutes from November 27, 2018. Laura Lopez-Hudson 2nd the motion. Motion approved; 8 yes; 0 no; 0 abstain
  • Action Item- Principal, Derek Murchison presented 2019-20 Budget and opened floor for discussion. Some highlights:
  • The district uses a site-based budget wizard to monitor school plans and fund dispersal.
  • Derek logged into wizard and reviewed allocations with the team. When you hover over the numbers, you can see what each money allocation pays for.
  • Currently we have 41 teachers this year; allocation for next year is 39; 2 teachers retiring; no need to excess
  • For prep next year; full time PE and computer teacher, art prep only 1 day per week next year. Will make up art in the classroom, PLC LTA program and through art position that is funded by the foundation. We will also move Ms. Kathy to another room, which is connected to a credentialed teacher room to ensure support.
  • SGT input: Would rather upper grade teachers to have smaller class sizes instead of pullout support. Each year we will do what is best for kids rather than supporting “upper and “primary” teachers. The class size reduction teacher will probably get a 4/5 combo without IEP students.
  • The district is allowing schools the monies to manage their own needs, which was piloted this year (and next). Schools must manage the monies appropriately in order to maintain the allocations at the school sites rather than district doing the funding
  • We will begin parent meetings with translation during the school day to save monies used for translating services
  • Voting- Laura Lopez-Hudson motioned to approve the 2019-20 budget as presented. Rosa Maria Reyes Lopez 2nd the motion. Motion approved; 8 yes; 0 No; 0 Abstain
  1. DAC and ELAC
  • DAC Report
  • ELAC Report
  • Informational: Mrs. Rosa Maria Reyes Lopez & Mrs. Marlene Gutierrez
  • Informational: Mrs. Heidy Quiroz, ELAC Representative
  • Informational- Mr. Murchison shared on attendance data. Zamorano is ranked 42 out of 118 elementary schools. Out of the 13 schools that are part of our cluster, we are ranked at number 3
  • ELAC/DAC have not met yet this year

5. Adjournment


  • Laura Lopez-Hudson motioned to adjourn meeting at 3:05pm. Rosa Maria Reyes Lopez 2nd the motion. Motion approved; 8 yes; 0 No; 0 abstain.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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